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Several of you have been sending emails asking when FRANK TALK would be publishing again! You may have noticed that I haven’t been sending out much in the way of emails lately as well, the biggest reason is that I have had very little to report about anything!

Like you, we’ve never seen a time like this. There might be a few of you who remember the great depression, but this is even different than that. Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to try to figure out exactly what is going on at all. Also, unfortunately, this tragedy we’re all going through has turned quite political. When a politician talks, who knows what to believe. In spite of all of that, I think we can all agree that this pandemic is serious, real serious.

In our case, we’ve experienced a “double whammy”! Most of our magazine sales are made in restaurants, senior centers, etc. We had to totally stop publishing the magazine since we could not afford to print it and then have no where to sell it. Even with restaurants at half capacity (or whatever it is at this point), we still need a pretty good number of people to warrant publishing an issue. But, we have decided to do what we can do based on the current situation. I hope you understand the changes we need to make at this point.

We are going to resume printing the magazine this week in a “limited fashion”. Pat and I have obeyed the pandemic rules as much as possible, and we have no intention of endangering our health at this point. We basically have tried to stay out of harm’s way. Since I personally deliver the magazines to our points of sale, we will be scaling down on the number of establishments that can sell the magazine.

We have some establishments that sell a lot of copies each and every issue. Those that sell a very small amount will not have the magazines at this point. We will likely have only a few businesses selling Frank Talk in the near future. Our website will list those selling the issue when it comes out. Our family is asking that I limit my exposure to the virus by visiting only a small number of businesses. We will be stocking the sales boxes at the following:

Bryan (OJ): Schaffer’s Restaurant and Dairy Queen
Hillsdale (MI): Kroger and Finish Line
Coldwater (MI): Garden Restaurant and Family Fare Supermarket
Montpelier (OH): Miller’s Country Market
Pioneer (OH): Spoke’s Restaurant

Bottom line is that, for now, you will need to purchase your magazine at one of these places or by mail if you want a hard copy.

In addition, we will be publishing the magazine online for you to enjoy. Obviously, there is no “exposure” when viewing it online. However, we could use your help. There are expenses with even a partial printing and the time and effort of doing it online. With the travel business “dead” at the moment, we would appreciate any type of donation you might make to help defray the costs. This is the first time Pat and I have had to live strictly on Social Security! I am sure many of you have experienced this, and I all I can say is “it ain’t easy”!

There is one other option that some of you might like. Those with current subscriptions will be receiving each issue in the mail. With the cost of mailing, there is considerable cost involved, so we have to charge $25 per year. Just let us know if you would like FRANK TALK delivered to your door or  mailbox.

As far as our travelers are concerned, I hate to say that I have absolutely nothing to talk about at this time. Yes, we are looking at some trips but can’t really do much until there is an “all clear” and I have no idea when that will be. We have every intention of resuming great trips as soon as we can.

Thank and be safe! Jim and Pat Frank


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